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5 Picture Books about Kindness

Some stories make no sense. Some stories have to do with Dinosaurs wanting pants or dinosaurs that are also construction vehicle. Those books are great because they are a lot of fun. But the books I really like are the one who come with a bit of a teachable moment. In today’s post, I’d like to recommend five picture books about kindness.

There is nothing wrong with books that are just fun, though. I have many of them and I read them to my kids systematically because of it. I read the books with moral message often too because repetition is the key of brainwashing and I have no issues brainwashing my kids to be kind.

It is quite trendy (and it is so for a reason) to write books for children that explain to them feelings that they can’t put words to themselves. Books about anxiety and depression can be great to help the little ones make sense of how they feel. But there are other basic feelings, basic behaviours, than can be reinforced through the stories we read. Choosing the right picture book, about kindness or anything else, can help.

Here are five beautiful picture books that can help you talk to your children about the importance of kindness.

Horton Hears a Who, a picture book about kindness

Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss

I thought to start with a classic. The story of an elephant who protects a whole community of people who he can only hear, in spite of being pressured by his peers to give it up, because they can’t see or hear them.

I like this story because it involves something that children experience often: peer pressure. Resisting it to do the right thing is an essential message for a picture book about kindness.

The Invisible Boy

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

Brian is a quiet boy, he doesn’t stand out like his schoolmates, and often feels invisible. Until a new boy comes to school that is.

This book celebrates not only the differences between children but also the virtue of welcoming new people into our lives and making them feel at home.

Rude Cakes, a picture book about kindness

Rude Cakes by Rowboat Watkins

This story is about a cake who never learnt any manners. He did what he wanted without ever saying please or thank you. One day, a cyclops with very good manners decides to wear the cake as a hat. The cake hates it but, once he gets rid of the cyclops, becomes much more polite.

Kindness is also about being polite and thankful to others, after al.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Phillip C Stead.

Amos is a dedicated zookeeper and spends time everyday with all the animals. One day, he is sick and the animals decide to visit him to make him feel better.

This picture book is about kindness but also highlights the important of having connections with others.

Charlie's Big Idea, a picture book about kindness

Charlie’s Big Idea by Brian Abram

This picture book is not strictly about kindness, though there is a lot of it in there. Charlie’s grandad has been in a wheelchair every since he fought a big lion (???), and they have great fun together. One day, Charlie thinks of a great adventure for his grandad.

This is the first book fo the Grandad on Wheels series and the kindness in it comes in the form of donations. The profits of the book go to support charities that help victims of spinal injury. You can follow Grandad on Wheels on Facebook here.

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