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Diary of a Children’s Author #2

As you might know if you follow my blog, I started the first volume of Maven and Perry’s first chapter book series at the beginning of the month. Realistically, I could have finished it already, although it’s likely going to be twice as long as I planned, at least until I edit. The reason why I am going slow is because I am giving my illustrator, AKA my mum, time to get the illustrations going. I am currently half way through chapter 3 and sent her the descriptions for chapter 2’s illustrations.

I might or might not have said it before, but I am having good fun writing this. Because it’s simple, I don’t have to break my head with vocabulary and imagery, though there is some, but rather I am just focusing on the story. I’ve read many first chapter books to my kids, and, while the language is not purposely simple, it’s not complex either.

But the illustrations are looking great too. I was considering doing something simpler than for the picture books, seeing as there is less space and the paperback version will be black and white but, at the end, the style will remain very much the same. Most first chapter books have very simple black and white drawings with little or no shadowing, but I hope this works too. The Duke of Gaunt is finish and here you have a first look at the finished product!

My initial plan was for five chapters, which then became eight and now has turned into ten, so far. I am sure it will extend further, but that’s what we edit for. Though I doubt it’ll go back down to 5 chapters… The again, as I’ve said before, it’s good to read everything and anything to kids, so I’m not overly worried about it.

In any case, there is more work to do if I want to have this published in spring. Here goes nothing!

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