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Maven and Perry Illustrated Chapter Books

It is almost the beginning of July, so we can all agree I am not working to deadline. While Maven and Perry’s new story has ben written for a while, the first of their illustrated chapter books is not going to be ready until September. I am giving myself plenty of time here, to allow for any unexpected events. The pandemic and the lockdown certainly were unexpected.

The main hold-back has been the illustrations. You might or might not know that the illustrator, Annie Corpas, is also known to me as Mum. And there are problems with working with family. There are many more problems when the person in question is your mother, and hence used to be the one to give the orders. You can’t rush your own mother, it appears.

Additionally, the woman, being the kind person that she is, spent a lot of time sawing masks for front-line workers. You can’t really be mad at her for the delay.

This said, I am happy to announce that all the illustrations are now finished! So now it’s all the tedious, tedious work. Extra editing, because even illustrated chapter books need several reviews.

Get your Copy of The Blue Giant and The Branch Witch today.

For Kindle: The Blue Giant / The Branch Witch

Paperback: Here.

Then there will be the very important job of arranging the text layout. This time, I am going straight into print on demand, with Amazon at least, but I must explore other avenues that might put my book on more platforms. This means I won’t be in charge of posting anything myself, nor will I have stock like I do for the picture books we have published so far.

The paperbacks will be in black en white, which is a pity, but still. The e-book will be in colour, though, which is grand if you have a tabled. Not so great if you have a Kindle e-reader kids edition, or a basic Kindle e-reader, because they don’t handle colour. I might offer an opportunity to see the images in full colour for member of the Young Reader’s Club though, so that’s something to look out for.

Here you have one of the new illustrations in full colour (bar the watermark). I hope you like it as much as I do!

Maven and Perry's Illustrated Books Volume 1 Illustration.
Yes, there is a party, shhh, don’t tell anybody!

I will announce soon the exact release date, so please bear with us.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep reading.

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