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Kindle e-Reader Kids Edition – Is it worth It?

My eldest daughter is going to be eight next month and I was planning on getting her a Kindle e-reader kids edition for her birthday. With the lockdown, though, she has been reading more books and it is now obvious the books she has are too simple for her. She still enjoys reading them, though, but she has read them so many times by now that I am surprised she doesn’t know them all by heart. So I considered getting her more books, but then I decided to simply give her her birthday present early.

I chose to get a Kindle for several reasons. One, it’s probably the more widely used brand, when it comes to this technology. It comes with a children’s case, and not just blue and pink (¬ ¬), as well as one year of Fire for Kids Unlimited included, so, al £99, it’s good value. This is the one I got for my daughter.

Another reason is that my children already have Kindle Fire Kids tablets. And these tablets already have books in them, but the problem is that they have games too, and while there are games, and videos available, children are not going to bother reading. Plus, my eldest likes to read in bed. There is no chance I am letting her bring her tablet to bed.

A Brief Review

Now that we have the Kindle e-reader kids edition, I am sorry to say I am a bit disappointed. Mostly, it’s fine, but there is two important factors that make it a bit poor, in my eyes.

The sensitivity of its screen is not great. It lags, and sometimes it doesn’t detect the touch. Or maybe it’s that it lags so much that you don’t know if it noticed you touching it our not. I suppose it is not a tablet, and it won’t work as well as one, but the Paperwhite edition of kindle seems to have a much better screen.

The other issue I have with the Kindle e-reader kids edition is the transitions between screens and pages. It’s a pixelated mess. It’s unpleasant to look at and it really makes me cringe every time I see it. Again, not an issue that appears to happen on Paperwhite.

I suppose it’s because it’s for kids, and they don’t necessarily need to have top of the market technology but reading is such a profound experience for me that I feel that would ruin it for me. I wouldn’t be able to escape to the world of the story if every time I turn a page or open a book, everything dissolves into pixels.

It is not my intention to dissuade anybody from buying this product though. Ultimately, my daughter is delighted with it. It’s a whole tragedy if it’s running out of battery at bedtime. But, if you decided to buy one, just be aware that this is what you are going to find.

Remember that Maven and Perry’s Adventures are also available for Kindle. You can get them here at £1.49 each, or free on Kindle Unlimited. You can also get the hard-copy picture book here.

Maven and Perry Adventures, both available for Kindle.

Happy Reading!

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