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My Children’s Books – A Maven and Perry Update

I haven’t update the blog in a couple of weeks. I am not going to lie, homeschooling is taking a lot out of me. So much so, I’m giving the kids the day off today. Not because I am too tired, but rather, because I usually give then the day off on Friday, but it took me so long to list the lessons and activities for this week, that I know it’s going to be a battle. For my kids, it needs to be early and fast (ish). So they have the day off today and I can update you all on the children’s books I have in progress. You can read previous updates here.

Well, the children’s book. Maven and Perry, Return to Windy Forest, is still in progress. The story, as such, is written, but my illustrator is being delayed by major needs. And by that I mean my mum is still sewing masks for key workers, in Spain. Still, she hasn’t stopped working, and here are some of the sketches she is working on this week.

I am hoping I’ll manage to have it published sometimes in summer. I definitely wanted to have it published earlier, but with the virus, most things are suffering, including some of my favourite shows!!!

No to despair, though. At least, there are plenty of books out there to keep us busy, and some are children’s books. Just to remind you, there is always an offer of free books on Amazon, you can find them here. You can also find free children’s books on Kobo, here.

Stressful times.

It’s a strange time, and there might be light at the end of the tunnel, and some people in charge might be talking to us about this light, but I am not sure we can see it yet. But I also think, stressing about things we can’t control does more harm than good. Preserve your sanity. Do your best to be safe, to keep your family safe. Do the things that you can control. Everything else will happen whether we stress about it or not, and it’d be good to come out at the other end of this with some resemblance of good mental health. For me, escapism is the thing. I am writing a lot. Reading a lot. Watching a lot of great shows. Find your escape, and using. This is not the time for mindfully taking in your surroundings in the same kitchen you’ve been sitting in for seven weeks.

Finally, just a gentle reminder that The Blue Giant and The Branch Witch are discounted on Amazon at the minute.

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