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10 Ways to Keep your Kids Busy at Home.

Fun Activities to do with your Kids while you’re at Home

We are living strange times. While most people are worrying about their elderly and inmuno-suppressed loved ones, some are stockpiling toilet paper like the world is going to end (though we’ll have bigger problems than how to wipe our backsides if that happen). Either way, it seems some level of isolation is imminent and the kids are going to spend quite a lot of time suck in the house. Now, if you’re a stay at home mum like me, you might find that prospect… alarming. To help out, here are 10 ways to keep your kids busy at home.

1. Make your Living-Room into a Cinema

Yes, I’m starting with the easy stuff. If anybody has had any common sense left, they might not have cleaned the shelves of popcorn or, at least, corn. Get the oil or microwave going, or open the bag, and set up your living room. Bring cushions or armchairs, if you have enough, closer to the TV, close the curtains, and put on a movie. You can even rent something more recent if you have a smart TV, via Amazon Prime or Rakuten TV.

Popcorn, Snack, Cinema, Food, Tasty, Salty, Delicious

2. Painting

Yes, I know this is not groundbreaking advice, but I am putting it there anyway, because of this one important point: if you want to survive this crisis with any of your nerves intact, you are going to have to relax on certain things. These things will involve such matters as: allowing mess, not stressing over mess, not trying to prevent mess at all costs…

What I am saying is: there will be mess.

3. Keep the Kids Busy with Home Made Playdough

This one is a double whammy. First, you get them entertained by letting them help you to make the playdough, and then you can let them actually play with it.

One word of warning, though. Be aware that there is 99% chance that you will be brushing dry pieces of the thing off the floor for the foreseeable future.

See here a video with a very simple recipe, or watch the video below.

4. Make Party Decorations

Bunting! Decorate Paper Cups! Decorate Paper Plates!

Make paper garlands!

Given paper and pens, and scissors if they can used them, and glue, and let them go wild, because they are going to…

6. Have a Snack Party

Unicorn, Children'S Party, Girl, Party, Happy, Horn

Set up a table with drinks and their snacks. Make it look fancy, with all the decorations they’ve been making. Put some music on. Close the door behind you, sit in the kitchen, have a glass of wine. Nobody else thought of stockpiling the wine, now, did they? If your kids are going to be stuck at home for who knows how long, I say alcohol is a primary necessity.

7. Get them to Make a Map

This is another craft but, hey, there are never enough of those. If you can provide and A3 or A2, the better, because then you can stick it on the floor and let them go mad.

The bigger the map, the better. Encourage them to add anything and everything they want to it.

Remember: mess doesn’t matter.

8. Do the Unthinkable: Play Board Games

It’s a hassle. I can take forever, especially games like Ludo or Uno. And that’s the beautiful part of this, they can take forever!

Because time is not a problem if you can’t go anywhere. Right now, your main priority is to keep your kids busy while at home and you can’t take them anywhere.

Play, Board Game, Human Don'T Be Angry, Figures

9. Mix and Match Activities

For example, they can play with the playdough and make figurines that they can then use to play on their map.

Or have a game of dancing statues while at the snack party.

Or use the map and the characters they made for a treasure hunt across their imaginary world.

Everything counts when you want to keep the children busy at home.

10. 10 Ways to Keep your Kids Busy at Home also Means Time to Yourself

Meditate. Repeat the mantra: mess doesn’t matter. We don’t see the mess. There is no mess.

Take a bath.

Have a movie night with your partner after the kids go to bed.

Have… special hugs.

Because this is going to be a stressful time and we need to get out on the other end, our mental health somewhat not impoverished.

One of the 10 ways to keep your kids busy at home includes keeping yourself sane. Relax. Red Wine, Glasses, Log Fire, Red, Wine, Alcohol, Drink

It’s not going to be quick and this is a time with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. Anxiety about our health, our loved ones who are older or weaker, our finances and jobs, and what we will find on the other end of the Covid-19 virus, we need to do our best to stay strong and ensure parenting doesn’t spiral us into despair. There is enough going on in the world already to do that.

Don’t forget, though, that you are not alone. Reach out if you’re struggling. While you might not be able to visit anybody, we are blessed with communications technology that allows us to get in touch with anybody we want.

And if you want another 10 ideas of how to keep your kids busy at home, read this post from las year here.

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