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New Children’s Chapter Book – Updates on ‘Return to Windy Forest’

I’ve been working on the new Maven and Perry children’s chapter book since the beginning of February. The writing is going slow, mostly because I have other projects on the go and because I am sending the chapters, for illustration, to my illustrator one at a time. This said, Return to Windy Forest (working title) will be the first children’s book for 5 to 10 year olds in the Maven and Perry series.

I’ve talked about the progress of this story before, as well as the direction the series are taking (this way). Each series of children’s chapter book for each age group has a complete story arc, which will culminate in the final YA books. It’s quite exciting, but quite daunting at the same time, because there is so much work ahead. I’m planning four books in each story group, so that means that I have, at least twelve books ahead, including the one I am writing now.

On the bright side, all the new books will be available on Amazon. I am also working on getting the already existing picture books ready to sell on Amazon, as paperbacks, although they are already available for Kindle and free on Unlimited (The Blue Giant and The Branch Witch).

The First Children’s Chapter Book – Return to Windy Forest

The illustrations for Return to Windy Forest are coming on really well. The set up, in the book, is going to be quite different, because there won’t be illustrations in every page, but I am aiming for 4 illustrations per chapter. This might be too much, so we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, see below some of the images we have so far.

Children's Chapter Book of the Maven and Perry Series - illustrations
Four illustrations from chapters 1 and 2 of Return to Windy Forest.

It’s a lot of detail for the size the illustrations are going to be, but I’ve told my dear mother a million times and she can’t help adding it, so detailed it is. It’s a pity, though cause a lot of the detail won’t show in the final product, but there might be a full colour, illustrations book in our future, I guess.

Still, I am very much enjoying the writing. A Star for the Tree was a bit of an experiment in writing a chapter book, though it was very short, and it was good fun too. Return to Windy Forest will be the first full children’s chapter book I write and I’m planning on sending it to beta readers, some very young, lucky beta readers.

Spring, though, might have been too ambitious a deadline, so I’m thinking this chapter book will have to wait till summer, but if I can publish two this year, I think that’ll be a success anyway.

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