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World Book Day – 10 Animated Kids Books at £1

The 5th of March will be 2020’s World Book Day, and it’s a feature of the school year. What will our schools do for that day? I don’t know yet, my daughter will probably tell me the night before. It’s a motherhood rite of passage, I think.

World Book Day is a registered charity that aims for every child and young person to own books. The day is a celebration of everything kid Lit, from the stories, to the illustrations, and, of course, the reading. Established by UNESCO, it promotes reading across the world and the day is observed in over 100 countries.

Book Tokens are provided and can be exchanged, in any participating bookstore, for a free book. You can also get a discount on other books, costing £2.99 or over.

Here are some of the books participating in World Book Day. If you don’t have a token, they’re only £1!

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

My Awesome Guide To Getting Good at Stuff

Bit of a mouthful, that title, but it follows a series of books, starting with You Are Awesome, by the same author.

Written with humour, this book is aimed at teaching kids that things don’t always come easy and talent is not the end-all, plus everything that one can learn from mistakes, etc.

Note: I’m definitely getting this one. My kids can get quite frustrated when they don’t know how to do stuff.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

Dog Man, Three Stories in One

Another Dog Man book from the creator of Captain Underpants.

As the tagline says, you will find three stories in this book, involving such mundane things as bath time, and more adventurous things like robberies, and your kids new favourite: zombies.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

Supertato: Books are Rubbish

This mini picture book was created especially for World Book Day 2020, with the aim of going at kids with reverse psychology.

In fact, this book deals with Evil Pea and his belief that books are awful. To find out if the other veggies prove him wrong, you’ll have to read the story.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

This is a new adventure on the Kid Normal series where the Zeroes take on a new mission. Together with the secret hero, Mrs. Fletcher, they must save the library, and the librarian, from a very loud plot to disturb all library reading!

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang

I don’t know if this one was written especially for World Book Day, but it definitely could have, and I’m glad. I love Amelia Fang!

Amelia is in trouble. She has to write a story for school and read it out loud, but she doesn’t know what to write. To find inspiration, she decides to go to the library. Her friends and she are horrified to find big bites on all the books! Will they be able to save the books from the book worms?

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

The Day We Met The Queen

In this story Ahmed, the most famous refugee boy ever, gets the chance to meet the Queen. He has loads of questions and one chance to get her to help more refugee children like him. Unfortunately, an old enemy will come between him and his goals. Some quick wits and thinking out of the box should help him overcome this obstacle, though.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

Evie in the Jungle

Evie is a special girl. She can hear what animals are saying and speak to them through her mind. When she visits the jungle, she gets to help a river dolphin, a sloth and a jaguar, all to realize the jungle is in deep trouble. The girl has a plan, however, but will it be too risky? Only one way to find out.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

The Case of the Drowned Pearl: A Murder Most Unladylike Mini-Mystery

Another story especially written and published for World Book Day. This mini mystery finds the Detective Society investigating the murder of a world famous swimmer. It looks like she just drown, but the Detective society is suspicious of an athlete failing to do what they’ve always done better than anybody else. Plus, there are a few people who wanted her dead.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

Bing’s Splashy Story

In this new picture book, Bing wants to hear his favourite story. Find out what happens as the books gets a bit watery and Bing discovers books and water don’t mix well.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!

This is a short story following the adventures of Elle as she decides to visit her very handsome boyfriend back in Harvard. Best way to do it?

Road Trip!

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)

Alex Rider Undercover: Four Secret Files

This is one of the few books for World Book Day that’s not available for pre-order, but it’s still part of the celebrations.

In this collection of short stories, spy Alex Rider will confront a natural disaster, find out the truth about the death of his parents and get into the mind of his arch-nemesis.

World Book Day 2020 Participating Book (£1)


This one is not available for pre-order either, but will be published at the same time than the others, so keep an eye out if your are interested.

Fifteen year-old Salma is caught with her boyfriend in a terrible misunderstanding that ends up creating rumours that she is easy. Harassed by the rumours and having disappointed her family, Salma decides to take matters into her hands and stand up for herself. Follow her story as she makes a stand for herself.

I’m very impressed with the selection this year. A lot of these books have a lot to say about many subjects that are so prevalent today. There is diversity, there is feminism. There are stories with messages about success and effort, about speaking out, and the environment. But there is also plenty of adventure, excitement and story telling for kids all over the world. And all of that for free or very affordable!

All books in this list will be available on the 27th of February, and most are ready to pre-order for £1.

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