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Keep your Kids Busy While you Work – 10 Ideas!

I talked last week about how to organize yourself to work from home as a mum, but sometimes it takes more than planning and organization. Sometimes you need to be proactive and make your to keep your kids busy so you an do all the things on your check-list.

Children, unfortunately, don’t have the maturity to understand that it’s important for you to have time to work and keeping them out of your legs might be essential. Here are ten ways to keep your kids busy so you can have time to follow your dreams.

1. Keep Snacks Available

The number one issue I have with my kids is how often they come to tell they are hungry. I have three of them, and they are rarely hungry at the same time, so it can take a long time to have them all sorted.

Organize a space in your kitchen that’s at the reach of the children and stock them with the snacks you usually give them, whether it’s biscuits or cut up fruit.

Make sure you put your snacks where kids can get them by themselves.

2. Keep your Kids Busy Using Technology

While it is easy for children to abuse tablets and other devices, it’s not wrong either to use them to your advantage. Tablets, specifically, come with timers so you can restrict the amount of time they use it and what they can use on it. I try to keep my kids away of content-devoid Youtube videos, such as unpacking videos etc, but there are channels that are educational, like Blippi.

This could give your a couple of hours, especially combined with the above tip, but, as I said before, you might want to restrict this usage. To be honest, it depends of the days. Sometimes you can, and sometimes you have to give into temptation because otherwise you could lose your mind. There is no shame in ensuring you can have time to yourself to keep your calm and be an overall better parent, than insist on rules that might make you find the end of your patience earlier than expected. If what you need right now is to keep your kids busy, then go for it. Nobody else has a right to judge what you do as a parent (except in cases of abuse and neglect, obviously, in which case there are literal judges).

3. Drawing and Painting

Yes, it’s a classic, but little ones love nothing else than to stain paper with colours. If you want to go all out, use table to cover the floor with sheets of paper and let them go mad.

You can also get mats in which only pens filled with water will work. Here is Amazon’s offering.

There are also magic pens that only colour on their colouring pages. See here.

Finally, if you just to go classic, you can get them to draw their own pictures, buy colouring books or download free printables online. You can get free Maven and Perry colouring pages by joining the Young Readers Club here.

4. Craft Time

Similar to above, but this might involve scissors and glue! There are thousands of videos online with easy crafts for kids to do. It’s easier around special dates too. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s day… You can even make up the festivities. After all, they’re all made up already.

5. Dance Party

Music is like magic, as Eminem says. Now, don’t try to go for anything fancy. Children like repetitive stuff. My kids are mad about the crazy frog, which, in turn, drives me mad. On this point, you might want to invest in good headphones.

In any case, have them dancing, competing, jumping… Dance Statues is also a good game. Everybody has to freeze when the music stops. And you’ll say, but Caroline, you need somebody to stop the music then.

Not to worry, Yountube has us all covered here. You’re welcome.

6. Make a Fort for your Kids

Sofa cushions, pillows, big blankets. Yes, there will be some tidy up to do later, but it’s a small price to pay for the time to work now. Priorities, it’s all about priorities.

Building a sofa den with small children, AKA a fort. Kids love them!

7. Picnic Time!

Combinable with tips 1 and 6, get them to organize a picnic in their fort, enlarging the role play to preparing their ‘meals’ and having them in their ‘house’. Yes, the hoover might be required later. Engage in the combo play at your own risk.

8. Water

Image result for plastic washing tubs to keep your kids busy playing with water.
Washing Tubs

What is it with kids and water? Whether it’s the bath or standing at the sink when you’re not looking, they love it. This is yet again one that requires some space and some large towels, but a tray full of water and a few cups and plates will do wonders. Add fizzers if necessary or even food colouring. Because why limit the mess. If you’re trying to keep your children busy, you might as well go all out.

9. Exercise

This one comes with conditions. It has to be at least dry outside, not icy, your kids have to be old enough to be out by themselves and you have to have a large enough garden or a really safe neighbourhood. So not an easy one and that’s why it didn’t make the top of the list.

However, if all of this happens, kick them out. My kids have bikes, scooters, a slide at the front. There is a bit green right across the road that I can see from my window… The only issue is that, if it has rained, the place is like a mud pit, so, of course, they love it. Here comes snow gear or waterproof gear. I got mine in Lidl.

Umbrella, Puddle, Kid, Baby, Kids, Boy, Maxim, Rain

10. If all Else Fails…

Play dates! Send them to somebody else’s house for a couple of hours. If their father is around, get him to take them to the park. Yes, I am telling you to get rid of them whichever way you can, here. You can keep your children busy at home or you can keep them busy elsewhere.

Sometimes you won’t be able to keep your kids busy.

Finally, and as I said last week, sometimes you’ll just have to resign yourself to the fact that there is nothing you can do, today won’t be the day where you make your fortune, today will be dedicated to children and nothing else. It’s not a problem. There is always bedtime. Because who needs 8 hours of sleep?

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