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Diary of a Children’s Author #1

As you might know, I’ve been working on my first chapter novel for the Maven and Perry series. The working title is ‘Return to Windy Forest’, but I’ll probably have to change the title. Windy Forest only features in the Christmas story, so the title alone might confuse some current readers that might have missed out on ‘A Star for the Tree’.

I have to say that I am surprised myself at the dark turn the adventures have taken as I’ve started this stage of the writing. To start, there are issues of marriage with the Crown Prince (Maven’s older brother) that have come up and, while it is historically accurate to have treaties around the marriage of Princes in medieval times, is it something that kids of that age would understand? I am the first one that cringes at historical inaccuracies in children’s books, though I already have a few in my own books. Part of me says that’s going to change when I edit, and part of me says it was the reality they lived in in those times…

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On other news, illustration work has begun. This book will probably end up having as many images as the other ones, but there will be far more words, They should also be simpler, because the format of printing and quality of paper will be different, but there might be some that I will pick to be finished to their full detail for further use. We’ll see. I don’t have any sketches yet, but I can reveal that one of the characters’ image will be heavily inspired by Nick Offerman.

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And wish those news, I will leave you for today. More on my progress next week and watch out for tomorrow’s mail with some of the children’s books published this month.

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