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Maven and Perry first Young Fiction Story

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will know I have started writing the first children’s book for 5 to 8/10 year old children. It’s a first chapter’s book, although the more I work on it, the longer it gets. That’s what editing is for.

This is where Maven and Perry’s proper story arc will begin and I have the whole series planned, all the way up to young adult. The working title for this first book is Return to Windy Forest, though I am pretty sure the final title will be different.

So I started planning in December, while I took a break from writing, and began putting words on paper (Scrivener) a couple of days ago. I have to say that I am having good fun writing this. As I write it I realize there are plots that, while they are accurate to the times the characters lived in, I am not sure will be appropriate for the age range. The triggering event in this story is a Duke who comes to offer the King a treaty which would include marrying his daughter to the Crown prince, Favian, who is about 14 in this story (he’s Maven’s older brother). I am not sure this is something children on the younger end of the age bracket will get and it might change altogether when I edit.

But, because it is first chapters, this book will still be illustrated. In order to make the process shorter, though, I am planning the illustrations one chapter at a time. Having finished chapter 1, I spent last night planning the illustrations and sending the descriptions and details to my illustrator, Annie Corpas, AKA, my mum.

All in all, it’s going well. I’d love to publish all four books of this range this year, but it will all depend on how the illustration process goes. Ultimately, that’s always what takes longer.

And it’s not like there will be less illustrations than in the previous books. It’s the same number, but there will be more pages and more words, obviously. It’s all new and exciting.

In the meantime, there are still two wonderful picture books to get with Maven and Perry’s early adventures! Get them here.

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