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Wordless Picture Books

They’re exactly what the name implies, children’s picture books without words. If you have children ages 4 to 6, you might already be familiar with these, as school uses them as a first introduction to reading.

The idea is that the child follows and tells the story by following the visual clues in the illustrations. It’s quite an enjoyable experience, both because these books can inspire some pretty funny comments from the young ones, but also because it is slightly more bonding than just reading them a story. It also forces the children to pay attention to the picture when, otherwise, they might just be distracted, even playing, while you read them a picture.

In these books, there is also an emphasis on the quality of the illustrations, often becoming more artistic than a traditional story book.

If you’d like to share this experience with your little ones, here are some great recommendations.

Small Things

Mel Tregonning

If you’re in our Young Readers Club, you have already heard of this one. It’s a thing of┬ábeauty. It’s the story of a little one who is overwhelmed by worries, bullying, and other fears, and goes on a journey to realize that there is always somebody around to help.

Footpath Flowers

JonArno Lawson and Sydney Smith

This is one of those artistic ones I mentioned before. This little girl spreads joy by giving people flowers in an otherwise grey environment, a reminder that happiness is in the small things we might take for granted.

Red Sled

Lita Judge

This one is almost wordless, but it’s a nice story for the upcoming season. A number of woodland animals take a little girl’s sled for a spin in the snow. What can be more fun?

A Ball for Daisy

Chris Raschka

My little girl loves dogs, so I couldn’t not include this one. Daisy loves her red ball. She takes it everywhere. One day, though, another dog destroys her ball.

Dog on a Digger

Kate Prendergast

This would satisfy both my little girl and my little boy. The one loves dogs and the other loves construction machinery.

This dog and his owner are a bit lonely at their recycling centre, but everything changes when they receive a visit and their visitor has a dog too!

The amazing thing about children’s books is that there is a huge variety of illustration styles, genres, and, well, possibilities, for your kids to enjoy and for you to enjoy with them. At the end, there is nothing like a good book to bring families together.

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