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Fleshing out Maven’s and Perry’s Adventures

I’ve been sick since last Thursday. It’s every autumn and winter (and Spring, really) the same. I get a cold, my throat fill with phlegm, and here comes the ribcage-shattering cough. If I ever make any money, I’m moving my whole family to the South of France or, I can’t believe I’m saying this, Spain…

Not that I wasn’t sick in Spain too, but hey…

Maybe I should keep two homes. One in Spain for winter and one here for Summer…

Villa, Holiday, Spain, Swimming Pool, Swimming

Oh well, dreaming is for free.

But things are happening. For starters, there are a good few people on the Young Readers Club so I am very excited to send them Maven’s and Perry’s Christmas story at the beginning of December. The story is pretty much finished, though some editing is required. Then I’ll format it and put a cover on it and it should make a nice e-book for everybody.

But I have started planning they’re more grown up adventures, starting with the first chapter books.

If you are a writer too, you’ll have heard of Scrivener. It’s an amazing piece of software and I am more and more relying on it for planning. I used to mostly to my writing on it but now I feel it’s better suited to planning and taking notes.

I am really excited about this. It’s keeping my sanity intact while I take this (sort of) writing hiatus.

But more than that, if I plan this carefully enough, writing the first draft should be quick enough. Admittedly, the first books on M&P’s Stage 2 books will be about 10000 words, so I can write that quickly enough. I’m hoping to publish them all next year. Is that too ambitious?


But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make it!

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