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Selling Books at a Christmas Fair

So my local school, Maghaberry Primary, had its annual Christmas Fair last night and I was a stall holder in it. Quite exciting for me, though it is probably small potatoes for most.

I had considered having a stall last year but I only had one book, so there was very little point. But I have two books this year! I also asked my very artistic mother to make some Christmas decorations and cards, to fill the table at all.

The Writing Kitten’s Stall at Maghaberry Primary’s Christmas Fair.

I can’t say that I sold a lot, but five more Maven and Perry books found a new home and some more people are going to enjoy free colouring pages and the new Maven and Perry Christmas story coming up at the beginning of December. For my first time, I was quite pleased with the result, considering.

Still, loads to learn for next year.

While I was pleased with the way I displayed everything, my stall needed a bit of height. And more stuff!

But watch this space, there will be many more Maven and Perry Books next year!

Still, there was a fair bit of interest and I did give a fair few of my leaflets out, so hopefully they’ll remember to go on this website even if they didn’t buy the books (yet).

Next to me was the Wonder Scents stall, with all the bath bombs and melts, that smelt so lovely and had such bright colours. Definitely a lot to learn from their stall. Loads of kids over, but also adults. And the stall holder was lovely and good company. I was a bit nervous at first and it was good to have somebody to talk to.

The thing is, a lot of parents had given their children money so they could buy what they wanted. With sweets stalls, cupcakes, chocolate, small lego figures and toys, my stall was not necessarily the first they came to. There was a lot of parents walking around waiting for kids to decide what they wanted and exchanging that knowing look of ‘oh, you’re caught in this too’ sort of way with other parents. The excitement of the kids was fun to watch, though, and there was a good ambience.

I had a lot of good chats with people stopping at the stall and it was a great experience. I’ve taken some notes for next year and I’ll be much better prepared. I think I’ll be going to more fairs too.

Also, unicorns.

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