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Selling Children’s Books at the Christmas Fair

My kids’ school Christmas is next week. On the 13th, to be specific. It is my wedding anniversary, as well as the anniversary of my first date with my husband. I did do that on purpose because our first date was on a Friday 13th of November and, in 2015, when we got married, the 13th of November fell on Friday. It was obviously a sign.

I’m very excited about the fair. I’ve never sold my books at my own stall.

I’ve had a stall, though, but it wasn’t mine. When I was younger, when I was still living in Spain, I was part of a small, short-lived, publishing house called El Parnaso. Ah, the good all times. We went to sci-fi and fantasy conventions and put our stall up and hoped for the best. The last time I went, if memory serves well, we sold quite well. Or was it the time before? It’s a sign I must be getting old.

But this is a Christmas fair. In a school. Loads of mums and dads who, hopefully, would like to buy some books for their kids. Here is hoping.

I’ve some other things to put on my stall because, well, two books doesn’t cover a lot, does it? Loads of handmade Christmas decorations. I’m going to sell these items too, mind me, but they are there mostly to dress the table a bit.

On the other hand, I am preparing Maven and Perry’s first Christmas Story. I am including gnomes. These gnomes are going to be grumpy. Think, well Grumpy, even though he was a dwarf and not a gnome.

And they’ll speak in rhyme.

I’m taking a risk there, rhyming is not my thing, though I am looking forward to it, I like a challenge and it could be fun.

I am hoping to have the story ready for the first e-mail of December, which should be on the 6th. Watch this space!

Be sure not to miss out on Maven’s and Perry’s first Christmas adventure!

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