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Where to Donate Old Children’s Books?

For the past seven years, our living room has been lost to the children. At first, when I was the mum of one child, I sat in there with her, watched her as she played, made sure she didn’t hurt herself. Even after, as my son grew up, I sat with them in the living room. But as they became more independent, my husband and I retreated to the kitchen. By the time my daughter was born, we were already making our living there. To be honest, my desk is in the kitchen, so I was going to end up hear anyway.

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But at the end of the day, when the kids go to bed, we still sit here. The main problem is that, more often than not, the living room was in a real state, toys everywhere, mostly legos… You wouldn’t want to sit there to relax in the evening and watch a movie.

But now the kids are old enough and my youngest, while she’s only two, likes to stay with her sister, so if they’re both upstairs there is very little risk of her getting into trouble or making a mess in the bathroom. Finally, we’ve made the decision to bring their toys into their rooms and take our living room back!

Toys have been successfully relocated, but I ended up with quite a few books that were not being read anymore. Now, some are ripped and some are painted over, but most are in good condition. If you are like me and you like books for more than just the content, it might hurt your soul to throw them away. Here are a few ideas of what to do with your used children’s books.

Charity Begins at Home

Well, or in the family at least. See if any of your extended family would like the books. While children’s books are not necessarily supper expensive most of the time, for some people they might be a bit of a luxury. Sometimes it’s just that the washing machine broke and you had to put all your money in replacing it. Somebody in your family or friends circle might appreciate a few picture books if they’re in fair condition.

Expand your Offer to your Community

My village has a community centre and a community Facebook page. You can offer your books on the Facebook page and see who wants them or you can ask your community centre if they would take them. Mine does. They might use them for Toddler groups or any other activities.

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Check with your Local School

You might have seen my local school’s principal on the BBC this past year. He went to Westminster to discuss how dire the situation was in our school because of the lack of local government, a situation which bears no discussion here. Our school struggles with the most basic things and has to have donations of the most common items, such as toilet paper, in order to function. Many schools in the UK struggle and might be delighted to receive a donation of books.

Your Local Library

I suppose that’s an obvious one but it’s always worth asking.

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Women’s and Children’s Shelters

It is tragic that in this day and age women still have to run away from their homes just so their husband don’t end up murdering them. Often, these women have their children with them but they can’t always bring their toys and picture books with them. It is worth getting in touch with them. You can check where your closest Women’s Aid is here.

Local Charity Shops

And even normal shops. It’s often I see a shelf or table covered in second hand book when exiting Tesco or even B&Q. You can take a book for a donation into whatever charity they are trying to help. Easy enough as you can bring your books on your way to buy your groceries.

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Similar options if, like us, you’ve piled up toys that are too simple for your kids now that they are growing up. I’m sure glad to see them go, though.

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