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Generations, by Write Club OU.

Don’t ask me how the idea for this anthology came about. I wasn’t there. All I know is that it happened and there was a lot of excitement. I had planned, initially, to write an essay but things were hectic – as they usually are when you have three children, two dogs, a cat, a degree to study and one husband- and I couldn’t make it, but was informed that they would take my story for my End of Module Assignment from my Creative Writing module. Though I later presented another story which was also published, I was particularly proud of having the first one accepted, as it is much more personal, a biographical short story about my grandmother on my father’s side.

It was a long journey, from concept to the physical thing. I can barely remember when it all started, but at last, this month, it was birthed, first in kindle and then in paperback. Today, I received my copy.

Generations, by Write Club OU.

It is even more fulfilling because all proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Society. Not only do you do a good deed by buying your copy of Generations, but you get hours of good reading on non-fiction, poetry and fiction, as well as pages of opinions that go from the serious to the sarcastic to the humorous. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this project.

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