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Children’s Books and Kids Illustrated Story-Books by The Writing Kitten

The Writing Kitten publishes beautifully illustrated children’s books for ages 3 to 8 and is dedicated to produce kid’s stories with moral messages and traditional style illustrations.

Characters from our stories will be cherished by children for years to come. Our books are a must read for young stars who are learning and developing their reading skills. Not only do books aid in helping children to read, they also help them understand emotions and make new connections.

Children have a natural curiosity about people and the world around them. Our illustrated short stories will help to inspire your kids, spark their imagination and give them enthusiasm about learning about the world around them while teaching them important morals about life.

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At The Writing Kitten, we are dedicated to helping children discover the real joy that comes with reading good books with great stories behind them. Reading to or with your children is a great way to promote a positive attitude towards reading and learning. Whether it’s picture books, educational books, short stories, fables or poems, reading is something all parents should encourage their kids to engage in. We have a wonderful collection of illustrated stories suitable for young budding readers. Our books are created with the goal of fostering a love for reading.

Help your children develop their language skills and improve their concentration with a short story which also teaches them valuable life lessons and morals. Boost mental health and exercise the brain with the simple act of reading. Whether reading stories aloud to your kids or teaching them how to read books themselves, reading forms an important part of a child’s development.

Our children’s books are beautifully illustrated and provide a fun way to relieve boredom without needing to resort to television, tablet computers or phones. Unlock your kid’s imagination with the help of our wonderful short stories.